2009 - 2016 as Head of User Experience

The problem

Professional video production was a series of silos. Productions had to move through them in series, increasing time and cost. Storage cards were physically moved around the world between each stage because of the enormous file sizes involved. The whole process was fragile and expensive.

The product

We created a SaaS service where video productions could upload their raw footage in a variety of esoteric formats and have them accessible to anyone with a web browser. Continuity could work from the office, producers could review international shoots' rushes from LA and editors could cut with manageable files before onlining the original high res. Later, we pioneered professional editing with cloud-backed storage in partnership with Adobe.

My role

Half of the two-person team that built the initial prototype that was used to raise a seed round. #prototyping

Defined the problem via interviews and ethnographic research. #research

Participated in sales meetings both as technical pre-sales and as product research. #presales #research

Owned UI design and lead the development. #product-design #full-stack engineering

Hired the engineering team. #hiring

Mentored junior engineers. #mentoring


Took the idea from zero to one, raising an angel round.

Used on Game of Thrones, Black Mirror and the ATP World Tour.


"A sexy Vimeo!" Sky

"The interface is totally comprehensive, especially for a non-tech guy, such as myself." Merideth Productions

"You guys have created a really beautiful web application that is really simple and easy to use." Apple

Aframe media screen
Aframe projects screen
Aframe player screen